The idea for the Shaun Stonerook Foundation began in 2011 when I was at the end of my professional Basketball career having been fortunate to play in the European league for twelve years.  During that time, I enjoyed living and playing basketball throughout Europe where I also met my wife, Manu. When I decided to retire, we both looked forward to returning to my Ohio roots and starting our own family.
When I was nine months old, I was blessed to be adopted into a very loving family. I knew as I grew up that I was one of the lucky ones to be in such a wonderful family.  I became aware that others were not as fortunate, and I knew that someday I wanted to help those less fortuante find a better path like the one that was given to me.  My focus turned to helping families who were unable to afford the adoption process. I quickly realized the process would limit the numbers of families to help.  I shifted my focus to education, as I have also learned that adopted and foster children may not have the same opportunities I had in their formative years of education.  With this new focus in mind, I began to investigate getting eligible adopted and foster care children out of mainstream education and into private school ciriculum.
We are working with Columbus area private schools to place foster and adopted children who meet entrance criteria into schools and share each child’s tuition costs.  Tuition at most private schools in Columbus average $5,000 to $27,000 per year.  Our goal would be to offer scholarships or matching funds to each school who participates in funding a child from the Shaun Stonerook Foundation.
We realize this is a committment that can last 1-12 years for each child.  We are committed to this long term support with the hope of children having life opportunities they could not have dreamed possible.  We appreciate the love and support so many families give to children who are going through the foster care and adoption process.  We want to be a part of making their lives easier while helping each child “dream big” for their future!

Shaun Stonerook

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